Michael's Model Building Tips: Kitty Hawk 1/48 F2H-2 Banshee Wing Tip Tanks…We’re Gluing Them on

While doing additional research for the Resin Correction Set for the Banshee I’m making and waiting for some urethane molds to cure, I was looking at the wing to tip tank area and realized that I had glued the tanks on wrong. I had slipped the wing into the opening and glued it at the proper angle using a jig I had made. To keep the wing tip from slipping into the tank opening," put a ring on it", or actually put a ring in it. The wing should not go into the tip tank, but should only go partly in. The problem was that the wing tip kept slipping into the tank. Here is how to fix it. Cut a 1/8” length of ½” diameter Evergreen tubing, make a cut in the tubing and test fit the “ring” between the

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