Correcting Kitty Hawk F2H-2/2P Engine Exhaust

The exhaust cone and rear of the jet engine should have the same diameter. If gluing the flaps in the lowered position, you can see the step. Note: No need to correct if gluing flaps in up position. Cut 2 pieces of K & S .5625" OD (outer diameter) brass tubing .47" long. Cut 2 pieces of Evergreen 3/8" OD styrene tubing .15" long. The inside of tubing should taper to inner edge. Outside edge .325" ID (inner diameter), inner edge .375" ID. Tack superglue .47" long brass tubing to KH parts C45 (exhaust cones). You want to have the cones and brass tubing symmetrical around the edge. Apply super thin Cyano glue on inside of tubing/cone join. Place KH parts C35 and C50 into C45. Slip styrene tub

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