Scratch Building a 1/48th Scale 1939 Ford Pick Up Truck Bed

I was looking for a “pick me up” and coincidentally I needed a 1/48th scale pick-up truck bed for this model project I’m working on. Scratch building is relaxing and is a feel good “pick me up” when the tiny pieces come together with a satisfying result. I do a lot of online research when model making and so I found a drawing with measurements for a 1940 Ford pick-up truck that would do the trick. I created CAD drawings and laser cut the parts. The fenders, cut from .25” basswood, were sanded to the proper shape, but had to be hollow, so I vac-u-formed two fenders from .010” sheet styrene. I created the impression of stamped sides and tailgate by sandwiching 3 pieces of sheet styrene, one wi

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