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Fixin' The Golden Arches

A friend had a family heirloom that they had for years, a miniature of the original style McDonald's restaurant with the golden arches. They would display it for Christmas every year. Over time, the arches had gotten broken and pieces went missing. I was asked if I could fix it.

I found a photo taken from the side of a similar McDonald's on the internet.

I took a photo from the side of the miniature and brought both images into TurboCAD. I measured the distance of the arches at the roof line of the mini and scaled both images to that size. I drew the arches in red lines on the vintage photo and then made a copy that I placed over the miniature image.

I laser cut the arches out of acrylic sheet, spray painted them yellow and glued the new pieces to the miniature with a flexible glue that would give if hit or bumped. Now the restored McDonald's can be proudly displayed in the tiny town under the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays from Rieth Creations.


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