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December 11, 2018

REMINDER: Did you glue the KH cockpit, nose gear well, part C62 and on earlier resin rear fuselage,  part C55 (Arresting gear well) already?




Glue styrene strips to inside of fuselage at leading edge of wing for intakes.


Start by placing the front of the resin lower wing slot onto the tab of KH fuselage. As you lift wing, make sure the top of the wing aligns with the fuselage and the fuse to upper wing tabs and slots.


Slightly bend the rear fuselage to allow resin wing to go into KH fuselage. 


Mark where engraved panel line on resin wing intersects KH fuselage. Measure from wing engraved line to fuselage engraved line. Remove resin wing.



Scribe mark at nose of KH fuselage.




Place the resin wing back onto KH fuselage as before.

Super glue lower wing front and rear to fuselage.



Hold the center wing unit with 2 fingers in intake holes and the thumb pressing down. Tack super glue the front of the wing. Continue to super glue along upper wing joint to fuselage.



Press down on rear wing root fillets with thumb nail and super glue in place.














Slip the intakes into wing opening and slide in to styrene strip. Some sanding and adjustments may be needed. Super glue in place.















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I built my first model when I was 6 years old. Unbeknownst to me, the kit box had been opened and the instruction sheet and decals were missing. It didn't matter. I had to have a model of the jet that flew over my house as it approached for landing at the Naval Air Station. I built it and painted the markings using the raised decal locator lines. It was messy, but it was mine. And I have had a passion for model making and thinking "Outside the box" ever since.

I was influenced by the film, Star Wars. I liked movies and I liked model building. I had to find a way to combine both into a career. I worked my way through college as a self-employed professional model maker, building architectural and engineering models.

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