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With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications in Film and Television from the University of New Orleans and years working as a Television Commercial Director/Producer, plus many years making special effects miniatures and special FX rigging on movies and commercials during the "heyday" of motion control camera systems, before CGI; I developed a unique eye and perspective when it comes to model making, miniatures and dioramas.


Models tell a story, especially when used in dioramas. Combined with today's technology of micro processors, special effects lighting, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), and projection mapping, a whole new experience can be realized. Models can be used to sell or they can be used to teach.  There is just something about looking at a 3 dimensional model or miniature and marveling at the fine detail and admiring the model at their own pace.


Whether it is architectural, engineering, prototype, museum exhibits and displays, dioramas, shadowboxes, film and television commercials or other special effects miniatures and models, RIETH CREATIONS has 30+ years of  experience including CAD drawing, CorelDraw, laser engraving and cutting, mill, lathe, mold making and casting, vacuum-forming, and a variety of other tools and techniques.


RIETH CREATIONS can combine hands on, old-world craftsmanship with modern technology to make a truly unique miniature experience. But we do more than just models. With a full workshop of tools, creative artwork can  also be done. Bring your imagination and let's discuss the possibilities.


More than a mere model maker, I'm an Imagination Fabricator.


Let us "Recreate Life... in Miniature" for your next project.



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