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Model Restoration and Repair Service

Over time models need sprucing up, whether from sun fading, water damage, dust accumulation or daily use.  Models get damaged in transit or when handled.  Whether the model is in an office, conference room, museum, for a trade show or shipped brand new from across the country or from around the world; models may need repairs. 

Rieth Creations can restore or repair your model; matching techniques, materials and paints.



Ship Model Restoration of the dockyard model Emanuele Morasso built in Italy in 1956. The paint was peeling, the deck had discoloration, parts were warped and others were splitting open. The paint was stripped from the affected areas and the model was primed and repainted. Paint colors were meticulously matched to the original colors.

English Turn Golf, Country Club and Residential Model is over 30 years old. The model was made of foam core board, covered in foam "turf" over a wooden frame. There was no acrylic cover. The model had suffered water damage from a leaking roof, which caused staining and the paper to warp. There was sun fading and general dust accumulation as well. The model was repaired and is now the centerpiece of the sales presentation.

Architectural model made in the 1980s of a proposed building in New Orleans, which is still on display in the conference room. While being moved many years ago, the top 4 floors hit the top of the door frame and fell to the floor. Someone had made a crude attempt at repairs with a thick super glue. Years later it was moved and again the top 4 floors hit the top of the door frame and fell to the floor breaking into the 8 sections of wall. The edges were cleaned of glue and reglued together. Custom pieces were CAD drawn and laser cut to match the missing pieces including the arches and dentil crown molding. The black acrylic octogon was laser cut to keep the top floors from falling off again.

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