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Practical Effects utilizing models, miniatures and props are a specialty of RIETH CREATIONS.  Cities, submarines, a large, working swiss army type knife, a "mountain" of crawfish, snow in New Orleans, the choices are only limited by your imagination. Models can be cost effective and still bring the "wow factor" in films and television commercials in this age of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). 

Coliseum Pictures Model Buildings
Large diorama model Set of New Orleans, La. depicting the past and future with real and imaginary buildings and structures.
Coliseum Pictures Models and Camera
Filming, one frame at a time, of diorama model Set with motion control camera. Simulated Neon is black light paint. Numerous passes were required, one for Neon lighting, one for practical lighting, one for chaser lights above ticket booth. Note Translight of future New Orleans city in background.
Coliseum Pictures Train Bridge
Model of an elevated train bridge. Note rust and weathering.
Coliseum Pictures Car Model
The paint on the model was wet sanded and buffed to a very high shine for added realism.
JFK Movie Model of Dealey Plaza
HO 1:87th Scale Diorama Model of Dealey Plaza for courtroom scene in the film JFK.
JFK Movie Dealey Plaza Model
Diorama model on Set in courtroom. Model includes School Book Depository, the Courthouse, the Records building, the Grassy Knoll, JFK and others in limo, trees, bridges, monuments, and spectators.
Popeyes Holiday Commercial
Diorama model of a Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken Restaurant depicting Christmastime for a television commercial.
Scuffle Scope Set
This is a full size set with working monitors and lights.
Weathered 10' Long Submarine Model
10 feet long, 1/32nd scale submarine model, rigged on the Set between takes. Note weathering and rust for realistic effect.
Submarine Model for TV Commercial
Still frame image of submarine model from television commercial. Sub model was filmed dry for wet, meaning it is not underwater, but in a fog filled studio.
GTE Knife Commercial
3 foot long working model of a Swiss Army style knife. Prop was controlled by stepper motors on cue for motion.
GTE Knife Commercial Mechanisms
Stepper motors to control motion of large Swiss Army style knife prop.
Iberia Airlines Model 1
Film clip of actors on set projected into cockpit of airplane model. Still frame for TV commercial.
Iberia Airlines Model 2
Finished composite of actors projected into cockpit of model of airliner with CGI background and clouds. Still frame from TV commercial.
La. Tourism Commercial
Real boiled crawfish were attached to a large model of a mountain.
Crawfish Mountain
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