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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

For easier fitting and gluing of the resin intakes to resin wing, it is advised that the jet engines be cut apart.

Paint engine interior silver before gluing together.

Paint interior of intakes- Gloss Sea Blue for GSB Camo Scheme or White for Gray/White Camo Scheme before gluing to KH engines.

Sand off excess resin from intake to engine joint. Sand rib rings down on top of KH engine parts. Take .5" diameter styrene tubing and cut it about .25" long. Cut tubing ring into quarters. Glue 2 pieces of tubing on sides of each intake to reinforce resin part to KH engine part joint. Make sure tubing does not extend and interfere with upper or lower wing.

KH engine exhaust and parts C43 and C46 (with sheet styrene .040" from bottom of parts). Paint Interior Green before gluing silver painted engine exhausts.

An alternative if you want to see jet engines in wing from the rear. Note: Parts will need to be painted before assembly. Parts will need to be masked when painting top of wing.

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