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F2H-2 Banshee Work in Progress

Updated: Jan 26

I created the F2H-2 3D model first and then used that to make the F2H-3/4. I still need to finish the panel lines and after getting the major components done, I'll concentrate on the cockpit interior, landing gear, arresting hook and other parts. I'll 3D print the files in 1/48th scale first, but may do 1/72nd and 1/32nd also.

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Jon Krol
Jon Krol
25 ene

Mike, looking good. It makes me not want to plod along with my current Banshee. Will you be doing wings, tanks, etc, as well? What reference drawings are you using for your design? Do you have a target date for release? Lastly, do you have a cost per unit projection? I do have Ginter's books on both the F2H-2 as well as the latter Big Banshee. Also both Kinzey digital books as well. If you think you may need a photo of a particular area, give a shout.


Me gusta
Contestando a

Jon, thanks for the offer of info. I have the same books. I have some McDonnell drawings. I'm trying to get it done as soon as possible. I'll know more what to charge after I do some full test prints for time and material. I'll never get back the design time in money as I was learning as I was designing.

I made the outer wings and tip tanks and will post soon. This will be a complete kit and no other kit will be needed.

You should finish your current KH Banshee mod as a photo nose and the 3D printed kit as a -2 nose. The Kitty Hawk parts will not fit my full kit.

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