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Instructions For Assembling P5M-1 Marlin Conversion Set For The Hasegawa 1:72 Scale SP-5B Kit

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Using sprue cutters, razor saw and hobby knife carefully cut supports from 3D printed parts. Wet sand the surfaces smooth. Use Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) to glue 3D parts to kit parts.


BOW MODIFICATION: Align Black templates (Shown White in photo) to the raised panel lines (Highlighted in BLACK). Tape down template with double-sided tape or use clear tape along TOP and BACK edge. Lightly scribe along bottom curved edge of Template with hobby knife or scriber. Repeat. When cut is thru the plastic, proceed to cutting forward vertical line. Follow kit chine line crease to finish cutting the bow (Razor saw may be helpful). Lastly, cut hull from notch on template down vertically to the Center Line (ARROW). Repeat for other side.

AFT FUSELAGE/HULL MODIFICATION: Using the raised panel lines (Highlighted in BLACK) on aft Fuselage/Hull as a reference, use a straight edge and knife or scriber to cut away the kit Vertical Stabilizer. Cut at the panel line where the Vertical Stabilizer meets the Fuselage/Hull.

FUSELAGE/HULL ASSEMBLY: Referencing the Kit Instructions Step 8 (Remove locators for Bulkhead Part A11, assemble the Fuselage/Hull with the painted 3D printed Cockpit. Wet Sand the mating surfaces until the 3D printed Bow and Empennage parts fit the kit properly. Glue parts. Gap Filling Super Glue works well for any gaps in seams. Wet sand smooth.

MAIN WING CENTER PARTS: C9, C10, ENGINE NACELLE PARTS: C1, C5, C6, D16, D17, 3D Printed Nacelle/Bomb Bay and Front/Engine Mount

MAIN WING CENTER PART ASSEMBLY: Referencing Kit Instructions Steps 4 and 5, assemble Main Wing Center kit parts. Discard C2, D18, and D19 and use 3D printed Nacelle/Bomb Bay and Front instead.

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