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More Movie Props- If You Were the Last Movie

The Art Department provided Front and Side view color sketches of the props they wanted made. I 3D modeled the props in Fusion 360 and were 3D printed. The parts were airbrushed to match the drawings.

The device that looked like a modified Sling Media Ethernet box had a working Apple Watch inside of it. I put magnets into the screen frame so it could be removed quickly to turn the watch screen on and off. A cassette could be inserted into the top.

The wall mounted radio had a working iPhone inside. It also had a screen frame with magnets to get to the phone quickly. The radio also could have a cassette inserted into the top. The frame for the cassette opening isn't on in the photos.

This is a wall mount for the cassettes that are used with these props. The frame for the opening for inserting the cassettes into the devices is on the right in this 3D model.

I also disassembled a vintage Mattel Electronics Intellivision Arcade Game Console Model 2609. I designed and cut orange vinyl inserts on my vinyl cutter and applied to the console that I had painted white.

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