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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

If displaying the Banshee with the gun bay doors open and nose cone off, the nose gun bay needs to be modified to use the resin parts. After cutting slots in Rib Frames of KH parts B34 and B35, glue them together. Remove nose cone lip from front of parts and sand flat. Remove locator pins from inside front of nose, top and bottom and fill holes.

Cut off KH top of gun bay at engraved line. Note resin gun deck in nose to help with locating the nose gun bay to the KH fuselage for proper alignment of resin part until glue sets.

Resin nose bulkhead has cut-outs for outer gun cannons.

Apply a light coat of super thin cyano glue to the paper card nose frame (I use a large sewing needle with the eye tip cut off). Lightly sand when dry. Super glue to KH nose parts B34 and B35. Sand around edge to fair into nose.

KH part B23 (Ammo Shelf) needs to be cut in half. Note taper of part when cutting. After painting, guns and ammo cans are glued to gun deck and the nose is glued to the fuselage, slide B23 between top of ammo cans and upper resin nose part. Shims maybe needed to fill the gap as the ammo boxes are undersized. Super glue to top.

KH clear part GP11(not used on -2 Banshee, but on -3/4) and a piece of styrene tubing is used to make the AS-313/ARN-6 loop antenna.

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