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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

The upper and lower wings were cut from the casting sprue and some resin runner material was left to protect the edges and corners from breakage when shipping. Sanding is needed to fit parts to the KH kit. Use KH kit parts B41 and B44 (wing fold mechanism) as wing thickness gauge, even if not using on final model.

NOTE: The landing light will have to be notched out on the resin upper port (left) wing to match the lower wing. Use KH clear part GP 16.

Use KH main landing gear doors parts B47, B48 (they are actually too long and will need to be cut if doing wheels up inflight version). C8, C9 will need to be cut down and thinned to fit or replace with sheet styrene. The forward arms of landing gear struts B55, B56 may need to be adjusted to fit the smaller resin opening for the main L.G.

Sand trailing edge of center wing resin flaps to scale thickness. Use thin brass wire for the flap hinges. Drill small holes in rear of wing for hinges.

Wing structure above flaps should be cut from laser cut paper card stock and super glued longest to shortest, inboard to out. Coat with super thin CA glue. Adjustments may be needed when gluing underside wing trailing edge resin parts that replace KH parts A3 and A4. Glue jet engine exhausts and nozzles in place before gluing underside wing trailing edge resin parts.

Flap Arrangement.

Flap Arrangement

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