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P5M-1 Marlin Conversion for the 1/72nd Scale Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

I built the model kit of the SP-5B Marlin several years ago. It represents the last SP-5B the U.S. Navy flew. The flying boat is now on display at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida.

I have wanted to do the earlier version of the Marlin, the P5M-1, as this type was painted overall Gloss Sea Blue. But this version had a different bow and empennage.

Now that I have a 3D printer, I thought this project would be perfect to 3D design and print an empennage. It was created in Fusion 360.

The bow I modified using Apoxie Sculpt and wet sanded to shape. The tail has the first 3D printed part. It was a good test, I decided to print the rudder separate and I still need to add the engraved panel lines.

The resin bow glued to the kit parts.

To be continued...


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